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Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones in every colour

Our Bluetooth headphones give you a lot of freedom, because everything is connected via Bluetooth, with the microphone, controls and battery all built into the wireless headphones. These Fresh 'n Rebel headphones are super comfortable. Check out our different models and find the headphones that are perfect for you!

Wireless over-ear headphones with digital ANC and Personal Sound

Wireless over-ear headphones with ANC

Variants from €69.99
Wireless on-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancelling

Wireless over-ear headphones

Wireless on-ear headphones


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Same, but better Products

Same, but better

On a first glance the Clam and Clam 2 aren’t that different. They look the same and the only visual difference is the ‘2’ on the side of the headphones. Although you can’t see it, there are in fact big differences between the first Clam series and the Clam 2. The biggest difference? Almost twice the battery life meaning up to 80 hours of playtime.

Wherever you go, take the Clam 2 with you Products

Wherever you go, take the Clam 2 with you

Nothing is more relaxing than listening to music while on the go. And nothing is more frustrating than empty headphones while on your journey. The Clam 2 and Clam 2 ANC are the perfect headphones for those who like to go on long adventures.

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Come backstage with us: Cult photo shoot

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your Bluetooth headphones are equipped with a microphone differs per brand. Check the specifications to make sure if the headphones have one or not. At Fresh 'n Rebel we make it easy for you; all our wireless headphones have a built-in microphone and remote control. This way you are fully equipped and you can call for hours with the best sound quality.

Fact or myth? Now that we all go through life almost wirelessly, many people are also concerned about electromagnetic radiation. No worries! The radiation from Bluetooth devices can not be compared at all with radiation from medical devices, for example. So… Myth! We can say with confidence that there is currently no scientific evidence that Bluetooth is harmful to your health. Enjoy your music, podcast or video without worries with your Bluetooth headphones.

If you also want to make calls with your Bluetooth headphones, it is important that they are equipped with a built-in microphone. With wireless models, this is in one of the ear cups. That makes it very easy. If you look closely, you may notice that most Bluetooth headphones are equipped with control buttons on the side. Turn on your Bluetooth and connect to your smartphone. Now you're ready to make hands-free calls with crystal clear sound.

Do you have Bluetooth headphones? Then you also want the maximum experience. With Bluetooth, you can use your headphones hands-free. This way you will never again be annoyed by tangled or lost cables. Think of Bluetooth as a method in which two (or more) devices exchange data wirelessly using radio waves. Want the best wireless sound experience? Make sure the devices aren’t too far from each other. 

You start by connecting the headphones via Bluetooth. You can do this with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and press the Bluetooth button on the side of the headphones. Then you have to wait for the connection to be established.


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