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Becoming a member of The Rebel Club means you’ll have tons of benefits. You will have 100 days to test your must-have, get early access to sale and receive a special discount on your birthday – just to name a few. Besides that, becoming a Rebel means you will automatically have a shot at winning one of the monthly giveaways with mind-blowing prizes.

All reasons to become a Rebel

10% discount on your next order;
100 days to test and return your purchase;
Early access to sale;
Participation in monthly giveaways;
Exclusive offers and promotions;
Special discounts on your birthday;
Exclusive access to events;
Give feedback and important insights​.

Some of your benefits explained

There are so many reasons to become a Rebel, but a few of them might need some explanation. Read along to discover more. 

100 days to test and return

As a Rebel you won’t get the regular 30, but 100 (!) days to test and return your purchase. That’s more than enough time to try your must-have and decide if it’s the perfect match. Use the included return label in case you decide it’s not the match you hoped for.

Monthly giveaways

After subscribing to our newsletter and becoming a Rebel, you will automatically have a monthly chance to win mind-blowing prizes, such as: fully filled goodie bags, shopping money, tickets to festivals and concerts, and so on. You don’t have to do anything, subscribing to our newsletter seals the deal.

The winner will receive an e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail, you didn’t win. But, no worries: there is one winner each month and plenty of other fun stuff coming up for you.

Birthday discounts

On your birthday we’d like to give you a special treat, because.. It's your birthday! Get yourself the Fresh ‘n Rebel must-have you’ve always wanted with a discount and celebrate you in style.

Give feedback

As a member of The Rebel Club we value your opinion. That’s why we like to get your feedback and insights on our products and website. It will help us to keep improving.

Get 10% off your next order!

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And as if 10% discount isn’t enough, becoming a member of The Rebel Club also means you’ll have tons of other benefits. Read more here.