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Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones in every colour

Our noise cancelling headphones provide a peaceful and private listening experience. Use the ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) feature to put the world on mute and get even closer to your music. These Fresh 'n Rebel headphones are super comfortable. Check out our different models and find the headphones that are perfect for you!

Wireless over-ear headphones with digital ANC and Personal Sound

Wireless over-ear headphones with ANC

Variants from €69.99
Wireless on-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancelling


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Frequently Asked Questions

Earbuds and headphones are increasingly equipped with noise cancelling. Noise cancelling dampens disturbing ambient noise by using an anti-noise. The anti-noise adjusts the earbud or headphones to the sound around you. The microphone picks up the sound, analyses it and reverses it so that the world around you is muted. The perfect stylish accessory for focusing in a busy environment or enjoying your playlist, series or podcast.

Fresh 'n Rebel uses advanced Active Noise Cancelling technology. At the touch of a button, the technology suppresses ambient noise by up to 26dB.

Quite the opposite! Noise cancelling is good for your hearing. The biggest advantage of noise cancelling is that it dampens all ambient noise with one simple push of a button. Now you don't have to turn up the volume when listening to your playlist in a noisy environment, watching a video on a busy train or following that podcast. That is why earbuds or headphones with noise cancelling are better for your hearing.

Noise cancelling headphones filter and dampen all ambient noise. To filter and dampen the ambient noise, your headphones produce an anti-noise using the sound around you. So you need noise to suppress it with noise cancelling.

Your colourful headphones are equipped with functional microphones. These capture, analyse and reverse the ambient sound in such a way that you are no longer bothered by the busy and noisy environment. Please note that not all headphones with microphones have noise cancelling technology. At Fresh 'n Rebel we indicate which headphones are equipped with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC).


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