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City life

26.07.2021 | Déani Visser

6 must-sees around our office

As you might already know, our brand was born in Rotterdam and our HQ is still located in the center of this city. We’re very proud of our city, and wanted to give you some tips 💡 In this guide you can find 6 must-sees within walking distance of our office. Enjoy and let us know what your favourite must-see spot is 📍

No. 1

Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses)

The Cube Houses are right across our HQ. The Cube Houses are a set of innovative houses. They’re designed by Piet Blom. The Cube Houses are tilted 45 degrees and are resting upon a hexagon‑shaped pylon. The design represents a ‘village within a city’ where each house represents a tree, and all the houses together, a forest. The central idea of the Cube Houses is mainly optimising the space. The design is very cool. You can also go inside one of the Cube Houses. It's called the ‘Kijk‑Kubus’. And a tip: it’s also a really good photo spot 😍👌

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No. 2

Markthal (Market Hall)

One of our personal favourite places to come to eat: The Market Hall (Markthal). The Market Hall is also right across our office. You can walk to it in less than five minutes. The Market Hall was designed by architectural firm MVRDV. The grey, nature stone building has an archwise structure like a horseshoe. The inside of the building (as you can see in the picture down below) is adorned with an 11.000 m2 artwork by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. Inside the Market Hall you can find all sorts of food. It’s perfect for a quick bite, a nice lunch, a lovely dinner or cocktails with your friends 🍴🍸 

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No. 3

Oude Haven (Old Port)

If you walk around our office, you'll find the lovely ‘Oude Haven’. It’s a place you must see if you come here. The backdrop of impressive historic ships makes the Oude Haven (Old Port) a popular place. The Oude Haven is part of the Maritime District. It’s THE place to be in the summer. You can sit on one of the terraces, have a nice dinner at the restaurants or have some cocktails at a bar. Our personal favourite bar is called ‘Noah’. You should definitely go there! 👌🔥

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No. 4

Maritiem Museum (Maritime Museum)

Also in walking distance from our office, there’s the Maritime Museum. The Museum is one of the oldest and largest museum harbours of the Netherlands, where you can discover the enormous effect that shipping has on our daily lives. The Maritime Museum is a must‑visit that can’t miss on your list. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to learn a bit more about our city while you’re here. You can go to the Maritime Museum and finish your day at the Oude Haven with a dinner and drinks 😉

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No. 5

Witte Huis (White House)

Also a must‑see on our list, is the ‘Witte Huis’ (White House). It’s, as you could have guessed, also within walking distance from our office. The ‘Witte Huis’, built in 1898 is 43 m (141 ft) tall, with 10 floors. It was the first high‑rise building in Europe 😱 The building is listed as a Rijksmonument. It’s a place that can’t miss on your day here. You can even grab a bite and a drink in the Grand Café at the ground floor.

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No. 6

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

And last but not least: Depot Boijmans van Beuningen! If you fancy a longer walk, you definitely have to go here. In the reflection of the mirrors, you can see the whole city, so it’s really worth the walk 🤩 It’s also a really cool photo spot, we even did a photoshoot here!

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We hope you enjoy your walk through Rotterdam! Don’t forget to tag us if you visit one of these places 😍


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