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Earbuds in every shape

With our wide range of earbuds, there is something for every music lover to like! Whether you prefer True Wireless earbuds or listening to your music wired, the sound will be great either way. Check out our different models and find the earbuds that are perfect for you!

True Wireless earbuds with Personal Sound
True Wireless earbuds with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling
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True Wireless earbuds with Digital Active Noise Cancelling
True Wireless earbuds with eartip
True Wireless earbuds with eartip
True Wireless earbuds with eartip

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On a first glance you might not see the difference, but our new Twins 3+ are a worthy upgrade of the Twins 3 and not just a marketing gimmick. The Twins 3+ are the true wireless earbuds you love, but with a plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use earbuds a lot these days. But how often do you actually clean your earbuds? Regular cleaning not only ensures that they remain in top condition, it is also hygienic. It’s nice to have clean earbuds! The best time to clean your earphones depends on how intensively you use them and what you use them for.

You can clean your earbuds in 6 steps

  1. See if your earbuds have a silicone dome (attachment). If so, remove it. Do you immediately see the speaker? Continue with the next step.
  2. Use a cotton swab or an old (clean) toothbrush. Gently brush over the speaker to clean it. Pro tip: Hold the speaker down. This way the dirt falls out easily.
  3. Time for the real work! Dip a cotton swab in 70% alcohol. You can buy these at a drugstore, among other places. Check that the cotton swab is not too wet. Are no more drops coming off? Get started cleaning the earbuds.
  4. Do you have wired earbuds? Grab a damp cloth to clean the cable properly as well.
  5. The wireless earbuds often include a nice charging case. It's a shame to store your freshly cleaned earbuds in a dirty charging case. Grab some lukewarm water with one drop of dish soap and gently clean the charging case as well. Make sure you don't get things soaking wet. Just moist, do not submerge. In addition, make sure that no moisture enters the USB port.
  6. Give your earbuds a chance to dry. This way, no moisture will run into your ears, charging case, or eartips. 

Wireless earbuds are ideal, as long as they don't fall out of your ear. The trick is in properly inserting your earbuds. Properly inserting your earbuds also allows you to enjoy the best sound quality. Well worth trying.

This is how you can best insert different types of earbuds:

  • Earbuds without a silicone dome rest in your auricle and do not go directly into your ear. This makes the earbuds safe, because you hear environmental sounds more clearly. They’re easy to insert. You put them in the round part of your auricle. Be careful not to place them too deep into your ear canal.
  • Earbuds with silicone dome (in-ear) go directly into your ear canal. That’s why they come in different sizes. Please take a good look at the text on the earplug before inserting it. This indicates which earbud is for the left and right ear. Push the earplug into your ear canal with a twisting motion. You’ll feel when it is inserted correctly.

Every pair of human ears is different. Always check the ideal fit for your ears first. Try earbuds with different sizes of silicone tips that help them stay in place and make them less likely to fall out.

Know that every ear is different. An earplug can fit perfectly for a friend, while for you it keeps falling out. Earbuds that stay in place best are earbuds with an ear hook or with silicone tips in different sizes. Try out all sizes of the silicone tips. Move your head or run a bit. You will quickly notice which size stays in place best.

Some of our earbuds (with dome) come as standard with 3 sizes of soft silicone earbuds. For example, there is always a size that fits and it is so comfortable that you almost forget that you’re wearing earbuds. Don't want to miss anything of what's happening around you? Then use the earbuds without the dome. 

You want an optimal sound experience, but with the freedom of wireless earphones. How do you make sure you have the best of both worlds? Because earbuds are a lot smaller than headphones, many people think that the sound quality is a lot lower as a result. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Good earbuds are at least as good as headphones. And we should know. 

Earbuds go directly into your ear canal. That's why you can enjoy an optimal sound experience. With the wireless earbuds from Fresh 'n Rebel you enjoy a crystal clear sound and intense deep bass. Your favourite song never sounded so good. 

Do you have an active life? Or do you want to make sure you don't lose your earbuds? Then it's handy if your wireless earbuds stay in your ears. Try wireless earbuds with silicone tips. You will receive the soft tips in different sizes. Choose the right size to ensure that the wireless earbuds stay in place perfectly in every situation.

You want to join an important digital meeting, make your trip a bit more pleasant or just put on a motivating beat while exercising and unfortunately... no sound from your earbuds. Super annoying! But what’s the problem? Here are the most common reasons:

Reasons why your earbuds aren't working

  • The cable is not properly inserted in the audio connection
  • You are still on mute or your sound is off 
  • You have not yet connected the earbuds via Bluetooth
  • There is dirt in the earbuds that prevents them from working properly
  • The cable is broken, damaged or worn
  • It could be a software or hardware problem 

Always try your earbuds on another device first. This way you can check whether it is really the earbuds. Are they still not working? Then check whether you can find visible damage or wear. Clean your earbuds immediately. Do you have the Twins earbuds? Check whether they are charged. 

Who knows, that might be enough to get them working again.

Wireless earbuds are ideal for calling someone or enjoying your favourite music with maximum freedom of movement. But how do wireless earbuds work? These work via Bluetooth. You can connect your wireless earbuds to your phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth. You have to charge them before you can use them. You are freed from your cable, because the earbuds are powered by a battery. 

The operation is also super simple. You can operate your wireless earphones with the buttons on the side or even with touch controls to turn them up or down. Not all models have these options. Check in advance whether your wireless earbuds have this function. 

With a huge range of wireless earbuds, it is difficult to choose which are best for playing that one cool playlist. Therefore, think in advance about what you want to use your wireless earbuds for. There are earbuds for sports, work, calling and traveling. 

Scroll through the reviews to get a better idea of how others rate the wireless earbuds. Read comments about how the earbuds close, how long the battery lasts and/or whether the wireless earbuds have a rechargeable case. The material of the earbuds, the shape and the supplied silicone ear tips are also interesting because this says more about comfort. 

Wireless earbuds are constructed slightly differently than wired earbuds. These handy earbuds work with Bluetooth and you can store them safely in a charging case. Because they use software and hardware, there are a number of reasons why your wireless earbuds may not work. 

The most common reasons why wireless earbuds don't work:

  • The wireless earbuds are not properly connected to your phone or laptop.
  • Your phone or laptop does not have a good Bluetooth connection.
  • Wireless earbuds always connect to the last device they were connected to.
  • One of the two wireless earbuds has a lower volume because the balance is set incorrectly, something is wrong in the software or because there is dirt on the mesh.
  • The wireless earbuds no longer charge and are therefore empty.
  • Wear on the battery causing the earbuds to drain faster.
  • You haven't cleaned the wireless earbuds for too long.

Taking good care of your wireless earbuds is important. Keeping them clean and removing dirt ensures a better sound experience and the best performance from your wireless earbuds. Are your wireless earphones still not working? Try resetting the earbuds. A software reset often helps with a quickly draining battery, poor connection, when the earbuds do not charge or you only hear sound on one of the two sides.

Are you stuck? Please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected].

We think switching to listening to music wirelessly is the best thing you can do. Never get caught on your cable again or have to untangle your earphones before use. That literally sounds like music to our ears. But how do Bluetooth earbuds work? To use them, connect the earbuds via Bluetooth. This can be done with a telephone, tablet or a laptop or computer. And don't worry, connecting via Bluetooth is super simple. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and make sure the earbuds are in pairing mode. Are they connected? Then enjoy the wireless sound experience.

Every ear is different. It's therefore not surprising that one-size-fits-all Bluetooth earbuds may not fit perfectly. Depending on the size of your ear canal, your earbuds may or may not be comfortable. If the ear canal is too large, your Bluetooth earbud has little grip and will fall out. If the ear canal is too narrow, you won't be able to insert the wireless earbuds far enough, causing them to fall out.

Therefore choose Bluetooth earbuds that fit perfectly. That may sound easier said than done. Because an ear is not a shoe of which you know the size. Bluetooth earbuds with soft silicone dome are the ideal solution. Why? The domes are supplied in different sizes. Try out all the included eartips to make sure your Bluetooth earbud stays in place all day long.

We mainly use Bluetooth earbuds for listening to music. The sound quality is therefore extra important. But did you know that you can influence the quality of the sound yourself? Our golden tip for taking full advantage of the sound quality of our earbuds is to ensure that the input of your playback device is also 100%.

Check the quality of the signal you are playing in your settings. Do you use Spotify to listen to music through your wireless Bluetooth earbuds? Know that Spotify works with 'data savers'. Handy if you have a limited data bundle. But do you have unlimited data? Then turn off the data saver and select 'very high' under Music Quality. This way you can enjoy the best sound quality via your Bluetooth earbuds.

Do you have problems with your Bluetooth earbuds? Then there are two common problems that could be the cause. Your new Bluetooth earbuds won't pair with your playback device. Or you have been using your Bluetooth earbuds for a while and suddenly they no longer want to pair. What now?  

Start by checking the Bluetooth earbuds:

  • Is airplane mode still switched on? That’s an easy fix. Bluetooth does not work in airplane mode. 
  • Measuring is knowing. Is the distance between your Bluetooth earbuds and the playback device more than 10 meters? Then you lose the connection. 
  • Are you a few updates behind? The connection problem may be due to a bug. Keeping your phone up to date can do the trick. 
  • Check whether your Bluetooth earbuds are charged.

Are your Bluetooth earbuds still not working? Then try:

  • Disconnecting Bluetooth on the playback device.
  • Restarting your playback device.
  • Turning Bluetooth back on to connect.

Most Bluetooth earbuds work perfectly again after one of the above steps. Are you less lucky? We have a team ready to assist you. You just need to send an email to [email protected] so we know what the problem is.

Noise cancelling earbuds are the perfect accessories that you can no longer do without. Why? Noise cancelling dampens (disturbing) ambient sounds and noise. This is done by producing an anti-noise. The smallest and finest microphones in the earbuds capture the sound around you. After an analysis, it is reversed to dampen the sound.

A must-have for work or studying. But how about a crowded noisy train or plane? You only have to put in your noise cancelling earbuds and the chaos disappears. It's all you and your music, podcast or video. Thanks to the noise cancelling, you don't have to turn up your sound. Our noise cancelling earbuds therefore contribute to preserving your hearing.

Time for your daily or weekly run? There’s no way you can start your session without motivating and uplifting music. How else will you get through the tough last kilometres? Choose sports earbuds with a silicone dome (in-ear earbuds). We’ll tell you why! Thanks to the silicone eartips, the in-ear earbuds stay in place better with every step you take, which is not an unnecessary luxury while running.

At the same time, the earbuds with dome seal your ear canal perfectly and you have the advantage of passive noise cancelling. You hardly hear disturbing ambient sounds anymore, but you still hear enough of your surroundings for a safe running session.

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