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01.03.2023 | Pepijn van Polanen Petel

Same, but different

On a first glance the Clam and Clam 2 aren’t that different. They look the same and the only visual difference is the ‘2’ on the side of the headphones. Although you can’t see it, there are in fact big differences between the first Clam series and the Clam 2. The biggest difference? Almost twice the battery life meaning up to 80 hours of playtime.

New colours

Both the Clam 2 and Clam 2 ANC are available in fresh new colours. We at Fresh ‘n Rebel want you to bold, show to world who you want to be. So which colour will it be?

Get your own Clam 2 or Clam 2 ANC 

Clam 2

Clam 2 ANC

Variants from €69.99
Clam 2



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