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30.05.2022 | Déani Visser


Q&A with Davina Michelle

We asked you guys on our Instagram to send in your questions for our brand ambassador Davina Michelle and she answered them. You can read the answers in this journal. Enjoy the Q&A! ❤️

How did the collaboration between Fresh ‘n Rebel and Davina Michelle come about?

I came in contact with Fresh ‘n Rebel last year during my HYMN livestream. They sponsored that stream and we immediately had a great click so we thought: let’s collaborate together!🙏

If you can make a song with anyone on this planet, who would you love to work with?

There are so many artists that I would still love to work with. But of course if I had to call one, absolutely Beyoncé (my dream that will never happen 😜).

What is your favourite snack?

My favourite snack is definitely mango. I love mango 🥭

Which colour is your favourite?

My favourite colour of the Fresh ‘n Rebel collection is definitely Safari Red ❤️ I think this is such a unique and beautiful colour (and it matches my lipstick, haha).

How do you prepare for a performance? Do you have regular routines?

Usually I try to not talk that much to safe my voice. So, I’m failing right now with this interview, haha. And I have a disgusting tube that I blow through to warm up my vocal cords.

What’s the worst blunder you’ve ever had on stage?

My worst blunder, my goodness. I don’t have that many blunders yet. But I think the biggest one was a few weeks ago when I ripped my pants on stage 🙈

Which song took the longest to write and which song the shortest?

The song that took me the longest probably was ‘My Own World’. And the quickest, I think ‘Beat Me’. That went pretty quickly.

Favourite song to sing in the shower at the moment?

Definitely ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence, I absolutely love that song 🎵

How would you describe your style?

My style, hmm. I think like a perfect mess, I don’t like to be things to be too neat. And I like strange things like colours and everything.

How do you prefer to listen to your music?

This might sound like so corny, but I take my Twins 3 everywhere I go. This is definitely my favourite way to tune out and listen to music.

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